Ain’t Nobody Been This Grxxvy Since Shaggy and Scooby…

Grxxvy GvngOn January 17th, the Grxxvy Gvng will be performing in Fort Worth alongside the Pyrex Pirates, and P Walsh, at the Buddha Stoops 1 year anniversary show! You need to be there and be ready to MOSH THE FVCK OUT!!! This Grxxy Gvng movement is growing like a damn wild fire…Dallas Texas can’t hold them back…This collective of hard working artists is determined to break out of the local music trap and It’s WORKING! With tons of new music being dropped all the time, Tons of shows and high energy performances, and crazy unique visuals you better expect to see something BIG from Grxxvy Gvng in 2015.

Rizzo Blaze – @RizzoMuzik


Grxxvy Rvdy – @Grxxvy_Rudy


GrxxvyBoe – @Boewilliams1993


Rayy hall – @Rayy_Hall


Also Follow: @BryceWIT … @Buddhastoops … @Thepyrexpirates … @PatrickxWalsh

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