Let’s Make a “Toast” To Young Artist “JoKen” From Kentucky!

toastWe here at SGMG were mind blown after hearing JoKen spit on his new single “Toast” featuring E-Dub. Check It out RIGHT HERE…

JoKen only 18 years old…only been recording for a little over a year… and he’s really got bars… Did I mention that he’s coming out straight out of Paducah West Kentucky?? Being based here in Dallas TX, We haven’t heard much…if any, hip hop out of Kentucky but if it’s sounding anything like the bars JoKen blessed us with on Soundcloud…I think we need more of it…Let us know what you think.

Twitter: @ImNotJoKen

JoKen is working on his second mixtape titled “Rookie of the Year,” Which is expected to drop under GYB Entertainment Group this year. We at SGMG can’t wait to see what’s next for this young artist.

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